The New EP

"I have little doubt that over the next few years, we will see some copycats trying to capture a piece of what is happening right now. We may yet catch wind of a new genre produced solely in the name of categorizing these amazing records. Unfortunately for those who would see these projects captured, repackaged, and sold under the guise of countless other artists, Thrillkiller will be on to producing something more innovative by the time mainstream labels attempt to box it up and sell it. I have faith in the ability of this band to stay ahead of the curve and continue pioneering the forefront of kick ass music." KJAG Radio



Exploding on the scene in the fall of 2015, mixing elements of metal, rock, pop and others, Thrillkiller delivers a viciously unique style of music. With the launch of their debut EP, Time in January of 2016, followed by their totally fan funded debut release showdown in summer of 2016, Thrillkiller are currently supporting their third release, San Francisco Moto, released in June of 2018

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